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How to set the send direct method on Bulk Email Express software?

To be able to send hundreds of messages you must configure your program. It is true that we offer this sending method, but we do not recommend it to our clients. If you use this method, several email Clients / Webmail could send your message directly to the spam box.

  1. On the left Panel, click on the "Settings" tab then select "Direct Send".

  2. To set up this sending method, You can leave the program detect the DNS address or enter it in the field 'Manually Set DNS Server'

    Bulk Email Software & Mass Mailing Software – Settings tab

    When the system uses the direct sending mode, the DNS server addresses registered in this list will be used. To find out the DNS server addresses, contact your Internet provider or you technical support department.
  3. Click “Apply Changes” button to save your data.

    To cancel, just click “Cancel” button. If you click “Cancel”, your data will not be saved.

Note: If you are sending messages but they do not show up on the inbox…so check the following:

  1. Double check the settings & the email addresses.
  2. Verify that you don’t have a firewall or antivirus like Norton or McAfee that are blocking your outgoing messages.
  3. Be patient. Usually the message delivery is instant, but we've seen where the ISP has delayed the delivery of a message for hours.
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