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How to extract email addresses from a text file?

How to extract email addresses from a text file

  1.  From the “Import and Export” menu, select “Import CSV or Text File (Excel)”. The “Open File” dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Search and select your document and click “Open”.

  3. After clicking on “Open”, the “Contact Import Wizard” dialog box will be displayed. Select “Free” and click “Next” button.
  4. Optional - If your contacts aren’t assigned to a group and if you want to add them to a specific group then, you only have to check the box “Add the contacts to the checked groups”. Then, add your groups and check the groups you want to have. A contact can be included in one or several groups. Once have finished, hit “Click here to start the importing” button.

    Note: It is important to group your contacts because you could regroup your emails by groups and send your campaigns to these groups.

    Note*: This step is optional.
  5. After adding your contacts in certain groups, click “Click here to start the importing” button to import your list.
  6. At this point, you only have to click on the “Ok” button! The program Bulk Email Express will notify you about the total number of imported contacts and the total number of duplicated emails addressed.

    Bulk Email Express Contact Import Last Step
  7. Click "Close" button. The contacts will be added to your list automatically. It’s simple and quick!

    Note: Only e-mail addresses are imported. Bulk Email Express will delete duplicated e-mail addresses.
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