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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bulk Email Express Get Started Help

How to create a message with Bulk Email Express?

With Bull Email Express you can create effective, professional email newsletters. No special technical or design skills required to use this software.

Create your own layout from scratch or use an HTML Email template. 

 1) Create your own layout from scratch

  1. Click on the "Compose Message" tab. Begin creating your message.

    How to create a messageNote: During the creation of the message, you can add one or more tables.
  2. Add a color in the background to appear more professional. From the “HTML Tool bar”, click “Background” icon and select a color for the background.

    backgroung color
  3. Add your content in the HTML editor box.

    If you copy / paste text into the editor, it’s recommended that it comes from a text file (Note Pad). Texts that come from Microsoft Word contain tags that can deform the font or the text characters.
  4. To add an image, click the image icon.

    Insert image

    Add an online image into your E-mail Message
    For online image, from the “HTML Tool bar”, click “Image” button. The “Image”
    dialog box will be displayed automatically then, in the "Picture source" field enter the complete address e.g. jpg, png etc.). After, click “Ok” button to close the dialog box and to display the image in the message.

    To change the alignment of the image - Select your image and do right click then, select "Edit image". The "Image" dialog box will be displayed automatically then, in the "Alignment" field selects your alignment (e.g. left). If you want to change the alignment, you must repeat the process. You can not just drag the image to the desired location.

    edi images

    Bulk Email Express: e-mail message Screenshot – HTML editor

  5. Once you have finished with the creation of the message, send a test message to yourself. You can also click “Email Preview” button to see a preview of the message. If you are satisfied with your creation then save it and send a copy to your inbox.

    Email Preview
  6. To save the message – From the “File” menu, select “Save the E-mail Message As...”. The “Save…” dialog box will be displayed. Give a name to your mailing list (E.g.: e-mail_Marketing_List) and click “Save” button.
  7. Add at least one contact in your contact list, click “Add New Contact” button from the taskbar. 

    Bulk Emai lExpress - Add new contact
  8. On the contact form, enter your email address in the first field. For the test, you are not obliged to fill out all the fields. Check the box "Use as test contact". Then, click "ok" button to save and close the dialog box.
  9. Add a subject (e.g. New Premium SEO Services) in the subject field.

    Subject header they matter?

    Yes, they really do, nowadays email is the chosen method of communication for most people. Every copywriter, marketer and journalist knows the importance of a powerful headline. The same applies for email subject lines, because as much as 40% of a recipient's decision to open an email is based on the subject as well as the sender.
  10. You have to look up on the “Contacts List & E-Mail Editor” tab under the Status column for the sending progress. When an email is sent correctly you will see the message "Send Completed…". If you don’t receive this message, it means that your message was not delivered, and you should review the configuration. Once the email is sent, Bulk Email Express has no control over the delivery time.

    Bulk Email Express - Send
  11. Give the server a few minutes to deliver the message.
  12. Once you have received the message, check it and see if there are corrections to do. Some Webmail does not support certain HTML tags consequently you will not be able to fix them. Once satisfied, add your other contacts in the list and send the message to those contacts.

    If you are sending messages but they do not show up on the inbox…so check the following:

    Double check the settings & the email addresses

    Verify that you don’t have a firewall or antivirus like Norton or McAfee that are blocking your outgoing messages

    Some providers set a "per day" or "per month" limit in order to control the traffic on their servers. If you have any doubts on the amount of messages you can send daily, contact your Internet provider. If you are sending messages and during that process you realize that you have reached the provider’s quota, the program will not be able to send out the overflow. If you have more than one SMTP address, you need to enter them in the program. During the sending, the software will do the switch between SMTP addresses.

    Be patient.  Usually the message delivery is instant, but we've seen where the ISP has delayed the delivery of a message for hours.

    When you creating a newsletter, it’s better to put the images on your server online and insert these images in the message. The size of the message will be much lighter. When the images are online, the sending process goes much faster.
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