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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Email Marketing Program Features & Benefits


Email marketing software: Bulk email marketing campaigns, send mass newsletters, mass mailing and promotion via email

Bulk Email Express is a true mass mailing software. It includes all the features you need to create, import and send your email marketing newsletters, promotions and offers to your subscribes. 



 Create Your Email Newsletters

      • Compose your email message or choose one of the free email marketing templates
      • Pre-defined HTML email marketing templates        
      • Built-in WYSIWYG rich text (HTML) editor
      • Create or import your email message in the message editor
      • Import HTML message from a URL address
      • Import message from an existing html file
      • Send personalized professional email marketing newsletters/ Personalize each message with fields
      • Bulk e-mail system: easy way to send massive emails to your mailing list
      • Support all international e-mail character sets and languages
      • HTML Email Templates: create beautiful email newsletters with our email marketing program
      • This email marketing application is perfect for people with no design or html skills

Create email marketing Newsletters

      • Create and send professional email marketing newsletters
      • Import linked images into email as embedded images
      • Edit html source code directly in html view
      • Messages in HTML or Plain-Text
      • Preview HTML email when composing
      • Send test emails to yourself before launching your e-campaign
      • Save your e-campaign and launch it later
      • Support unlimited email message attachments
      • Personalize each message with unlimited fields
      • "To", "Subject" and email body Personalization

Manage your contact list and subscribers

      • You can collect, manage, send your e-campaign to a specific group of subscribes
      • Original email blast software: *unlimited recipients and no recurring fees
      • Store more than just email addresses
      • Import contacts from text document, Excel datasheet and XML file
      • Customer segmentation based on demographic information
      • With our email marketing app. you can manage subscriptions, unsubscriptions and bounces

Send your email marketing campaign / Your Email Newsletters

      • SMTP Delivery modes
      • Fast SMTP bulk e-mail sender
      • Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode with SMTP authentication
      • SSL/ TLS SMTP-Server delivery mode (Support Gmail & Hotmail SMTP Servers)
      • Direct delivery
      • IIS SMTP Service delivery mode
      • Avoid overloading the slow mail servers by periodic pause
      • Load balance between multiple SMTP servers
      • Support pausing/resuming projects
      • Resend messages to failed email addresses
      • Send email newsletter and manage bulk mailing list

Direct E-mail Marketing / List Building

      • Manipulate, filter, import and export mailing list data
      • Helps you build your own opt-in lists
      • Import contact lists from TXT, CSV file
      • Automatic subscription from an email address
      • Subscription from a text document
      • Search and edit subscriber information
      • This Email marketing program can collect more than just email addresses

Google Analytics Integration

If you’re tracking your website via Google Analytics, Bulk Email Express gives you the option to automatically tag links with a Google Analytics tracking code. Once you’ve enabled this option you’ll be able to view details of visitor behaviour, sales and conversions in your Google Analytics account.

Download our email campaign software:

For evaluation, you can download unregistered edition of our bulk mailing software (Free). In the free edition some features are locked. To unlock your free mass mailing edition buy a registration key.

If you have any questions or comments about our services, software products or website, please be sure to drop us a line! Thank you for visiting our Web site.

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