Build your permission based list

The Value of your business comes down to the size and quality of your customer base. If there’s no market demand or buyers, then your business has little value and should not expect to be around for long.  Gaining the names, numbers and email addresses of prospected clients when the visit your website or store front is a great way to build a list. The fact that they are visiting your website or store means they are interested in the products or services you offer.  Rarely does a customer buy the first time they visit your website, they are just unlikely to return without further persuasion.

What your company wants to do is to seek permission for your visitors to put them up on your email list.  Send them additional information or preferred access. A small opt in script with a window to place their email in is a non abrasive way to receive their information and get put on to your list.  Use a time delay on the entry or exit of the website to have this window appear.

Welcome the customers first before immediately trying to grab their email address.  Once they have opted in to your list, they have identified themselves as a part of your target market. Now it is up to your company to feed them value based, timely, and rich content that encourages then to return to your site where your website, and make a purchase.

Once you have their e-mail address, put an auto responder to work. These will automatically distribute email messages. Your company will want to create a friendly, customized, and brief conversational message to send to your opted in email recipients. The email should be short and drive customers to your website, let them find out all the information they are looking for on your website.

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